Tips to Help You Find the Best HGH Strips

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is produced naturally by the pituitary gland during adolescence and is responsible for your growth, as its name suggests. HGH is also responsible for cell regeneration, bone and muscle growth, body fluids, heart function, the metabolism, bone density, and even maintains vital organs.

What is HGH?

Those who struggle with an HGH deficiency, or even people – especially athletes – who want to boost their levels of this hormone with anabolic properties, often rely on the use of HGH strips / supplements or HGH boosters. Synthetic HGH was first approved by the FDA for use in 1985 to treat a variety of issues in patients including poor growth. Synthetic HGH strips can also help to build muscle mass, halt the progression of age-related diseases, and even increase libido.

Best Performing Human Growth Hormone Supplements

NiacinMax is relatively new product I recently tried, it contains nicotinic acid or Niacinamide, which allows the flush to occur. If you’re not experiencing the flush, this means your capillaries aren’t expanding fully to allow an increase in blood flow through them which prevents you from getting the full vasodilation Niacin provides. Without the flush, your muscles don’t get the necessary increase in oxygen and nutrients they need for you to improve your performance.While this is fine for those who take Niacin for one of its other many benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, this is crucial for athletes who need the Niacin flush to occur.

Unlike other HGH supplements, NiacinMax say they use a unique delivery technology which is based on a dissolving strip design, Niacin is absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately and liposomal encapsulation keeps the active ingredient protected until it is absorbed fully. This gives NiacinMax a much higher bioavailability compared to other products. With NiacinMax up to 90% of the active ingredient is absorbed by the body, compared to less than 15% with other HGH supplements. Herbal supplements or other pill-like forms of HGH supplements require Niacin to pass through the digestive system, but due to the effective delivery method of NiacinMax, the active ingredient is absorbed much more quickly as it’s absorbed through the mucosal tissue in the mouth and then directly into the bloodstream.

NiacinMax is a favorite among athletes for its ability to increase oxygen flow by up to 50%, boost HGH levels tremendously, increase energy levels and reduce fatigue after workouts, boost recovery rate, increase fat burning, and increase muscle growth. This supplement is suitable for anyone, especially those interested in partaking in a cardiovascular activity including weight training, running, cycling, and endurance sports among many others. One of the many reasons for this supplements popularity is the fact that it has no side effects and provides a much less intense Niacin flush when compared to other brands of Niacin-based supplements.

Produced using 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and developed by a prominent European bioscience laboratory, NiacinMax comes available as a mild, pleasant citrus flavored strip and is 100% legal and an ethical way to enhance your performance.


Here’s a video that provides a good example of a perfect DHT hormone boosting exercise:


Different Types of HGH Supplements

There are several different kinds of HGH supplements available on the market including oral sprays, injections, patches, and vitamin B3 supplements among many others. While it’s all about personal preference when it comes to choosing which HGH booster you feel best fits your needs, some offer far more benefits and carry less associated risks.

HGH Oral Sprays and Sublingual Strips:

These oral sprays and sublingual strips contain synthetically prepared HGH that is sprayed or applied to the tongue, allowing fast absorption into the bloodstream and have a high efficacy with low risk.

•HGH Injections:

While injections are found to be highly effective, they can also be extremely costly with insurance often opting to not cover the costs. The injections need to be done between two to three times a day, adding up to nearly $75 a day and in some cases, even more. Aside from the costs, injections also carry more adverse effects.

Herbal Supplements:

The effects of these supplements are widely debated as they rely on the effect of stimulating the pituitary gland through herbal ingredients.

Niacin (Vitamin B3):

Niacin, also known as Vitamin B3 or medically as nicotinic acid, is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is often added to foods or taken as a supplement. Niacin was first discovered in 1943 by doctors when they noted its ability to treat pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. Since then, research shows the numerous benefits of Niacin in treating a number of conditions including treating high cholesterol, memory loss, heart disease, motion sickness, and even sensitivity to the sun. However, one of the most popular uses for Niacin HGH booster. As an HGH booster, Niacin is a highly effective, low-cost alternative that increases hormone production and canstimulategrowth.

In order to experience the full benefits of Niacin as an HGH supplement, the “flush-free” version of it should be avoided. Niacin possesses a characteristic unlike any other HGH supplement commonly referred to as the “flush.” This occurs when Niacin promotes an increase of blood flow to the smaller blood vessels and capillaries found near the surface of your skin, this is exactly where you want more blood to be flowingto. This increase in blood flow creates a red flush to the skin, thus the term “flush.”

Flush-free Niacin, sometimes called extended or slow release Niacin, doesn’t cause the “flush” to occur as it is actually Niacinamide – a different form of Niacin. Niacinamide only opens up the inner blood vessels rather than the smaller blood vessels and capillaries.

Deficiency Issues

While HGH is naturally produced by the body, some may suffer from an HGH deficiency. Adult men typically produce just under roughly 5 nanograms per milliliter, while women can produce up to twice that amount during pregnancy. These levels peak during puberty and throughout adulthood tend to taper off. Individuals who experience a deficiency or imbalance may exhibit symptoms such as lethargy, frequent changes in mood, diminished stamina, depression, inability to concentrate, an increase in fat mass and decrease in muscle mass. With a number of comprehensive tests like complete blood counts, metabolic panels, and testing the levels of estrogen and testosterone present in patients, doctors can pinpoint conditions that may be the result of an HGH imbalance.